First Sgt. Glenn Weldon Jones

GlennJones Bio PhotoFirst Sgt. Glenn Weldon Jones

3rd Army, 8th Corp
36th Division, 61st Brigade
2nd Battalion, 131st Field Artillery, F Battery

Born: 7/4/1916 in Lubbock, Texas
Died: 9/15/2002 at VA Hospital in Temple, Texas

Notable Military Activities

  • Attached to the Australian Army unit under Dutch command, served in the defense of Batavia (Jakarta) in the Dutch East Indies. Taken prisoner on March 8th when the Dutch capitulated following the Japanese attack.
  • Imprisoned at Bicycle Camp near Batavia until October 1942, then transferred to Singapore, Burma, and ultimately to Siam (Thailand) following months of work on the Thai-Burma Railroad.
  • Following liberation, remained in the Army and was later assigned to U.S. military posts in Korea.
  • Retired from the US Army as a CW03.

Post-Military Career

Benefits Counselor at the Waco VA Regional Office for 23 years, retiring in 1986.


Anita Sue McCreary (wife) and sons Glenn W Jones Jr., Edwin ‘Mack’ Jones, and Jimmy Ralph Jones.  Granddaughters Anita “Desiree” Jones and Christina Marie Jones (daughters of Jimmy).

Photos Courtesy of Desiree Jones, granddaughter of 1st Sgt. Glenn W. Jones.